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Dipole Designs was founded in 2006 as a graphic design firm that focuses on helping artists and small companies manage their businesses on the Web. Today we offer a range of Web-related and creative services. In addition to Web design, we offer inclusive Web hosting, domain name registration and optimization packages.

We make it simple and affordable for our customers, taking the guess work out of building and managing their online presence. We know that when we help our customers thrive online, they have more time and energy to concentrate on their growing business.

Dipole Designs is small business ourselves, experiencing many of the same challenges that you face today. We understand the artistic and small business mindset, working with you on a personal basis, unlike larger companies. And no other company offers the quality, affordability and dedication on every level of service that we do.


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Dipole Designs delivers a range of services which are reliable, scalable, and affordable.

Web Design

We offer customized web solutions from sleek and elegant to bold and content rich. Whether you envision a powerful impact or precise functionality, we will work with you to construct your ideal project; every consideration to the finest detail. Dipole Designs can provide exactly what you need to achieve an effective presence on the web.

Web Hosting

Expand your business online and maximize your returns with our affordable web hosting packages. Because Dipole Designs offers a family of services, you can rest easy knowing that your project is designed, managed and housed under one roof.

Layout & Packaging

Dipole Designs brings you versatile solutions for printed media. Whether your needs are commercial or artistic, we offer such services as custom cover design, menu layout, and the highest quality promotional products available, as well as innovative packaging for vinyl, CD, and apparel.


Effective branding creates a unique identity that will set you apart from the competition. The expertise of Dipole Designs will assist you in creating a solid brand strategy, giving you a superior marketing edge. A concrete brand serves as the foundation of your business and makes a statement about the objectives that you need to achieve.

DNS Hosting

Our DNS hosting service provides multiple servers worldwide to minimize latency for clients around the globe. Dipole Designs offers an all-in-one managed solution for top level domains which delivers a significant advantage over locally hosted DNS.

Domain Name Registration

We are pleased to announce Dipole Domains, our accredited domain names registrar service. Now you can avoid dealing with third party policy and distraction by securing a feature packed, total web solution directly through us.